Our Story

SV Investment Partners is a Palm Beach, FL based private investment firm. We are focused, value conscious investors specializing in business services companies in the middle market. 

SV Investment Partners was founded in 1999 as the US affiliate of Schroder Ventures, one of the world’s oldest and largest private equity groups. Schroder Ventures was formed in 1983 to be the private equity arm of Schroders plc, the UK financial institution.

Between 1983 and 1990, seven Schroder Ventures investment teams were formed, covering the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and Canada, with further teams established in the Asia Pacific region and the life sciences sector in 1991 and 1994, respectively. These affiliated teams were all locally owned and worked independently under the Schroder Ventures banner following similar investment processes and disciplines.

In 2001, with the sale of Schroders plc’s investment banking division, Schroder Ventures terminated its partnership with Schroders plc, and became a completely independent private equity organization. Subsequently, all of the teams renamed themselves and ended their affiliation. Schroder Ventures US renamed itself SV Investment Partners to reflect its independence.